My desktop setup in Debian

Update 2018-04-28 Added more packages I use and new settings I do (reinstalled machine) In this post I show the applications and settings I commonly use for my local development machine. Operating System: GNU/Linux - Debian Stretch Dektop Manager: xfce4 Frequently Used Applications This is the list of application I frequently use and try to have them installed after I have a fresh computer. Some applications are general purpose and others are related with programming, things I investigate, my job and personal projects. [Read More]

First Post - echo "Hello World"

Hi, I am Sergio Guillen Mantilla publishing via Github pages 😄. This is a project I will take again and publish content different than my previous blogwhich was mostly about Microsoft technologies. Since I stopped using this kind of technologies —that I still get impressed with them e.g. C#— I had the good luck to meet new technologies, so I want to share some experiences I had with them or stuff I’ve been researching. [Read More]