Analyzing a Video Looking for Possible Malware

Hello, during the months of October and November different social and political conflicts occurred in Bolivia, this entry is not so much to discuss the political issue, it will be a 100% technical entry but it is related to those events. The previous week a large number of clients from a local ISP received an SMS with a link to an MP4 video in Dropbox that was later deleted. [Read More]

Automating post-installation setup in my personal Debian machines

Hi, some time ago I posted about my initial setup in my Debian personal machines that use for work or personal projects. Some of the things I setup are: applications, desktop look and feel, etc. The last months I installed and re-installed my Debian machines so many times in different computers that I use (new computers, new hard drives, etc.) and this taks was repetitive. Basically what I was doing was to review my previous blog post and repeat those steps. [Read More]

Fun with SSH - Local Port Forwarding

The other day when I went out eating with my friend Francisco, he commented me about a personal project and what he wanted to accomplish. Listening to his questions the first tool that came to my mind that would solve some of the challenges he has was OpenSSH. What is SSH? SSH is a short for Secure Shell, it’s a protocol to manage services inside a network using a secure channel. [Read More]

Gocho, Sharing files in a local network

Hey,during my free time I was working a side project called Gocho. This application allows the user to share files in a local network e.g. home network, work, etc. with the difference that it will auto-discover other nodes. In this post I will explain what this application is all about, why I wrote it and some challenges that came up duting the development. View Why I wrote this app? First I wanted to share a directory in a local network without the need of others having to ask for my local ip address or the port where I published the files. [Read More]

My desktop setup in Debian

Update 2018-04-28 Added more packages I use and new settings I do (reinstalled machine) In this post I show the applications and settings I commonly use for my local development machine. Operating System: GNU/Linux - Debian Stretch Dektop Manager: xfce4 Frequently Used Applications This is the list of application I frequently use and try to have them installed after I have a fresh computer. Some applications are general purpose and others are related with programming, things I investigate, my job and personal projects. [Read More]